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Intricately entwined with the Greek summer, Levinia Konyalian resort wear is made to bask in the sun, taming the heat through fine gauze, delicate cottons and breezy natural materials with a luxurious finish. Inspired by Cycladic minimalism, it is deceptively simple yet exquisitely constructed, capturing the island mystique in every fold.

Levinia Konyalian believes in empowering women. Raised in a multicultural family with an Armenian background, she started her journey as a celebrity stylist, nurturing female confidence and self-expression. More than a decade in Haute Couture helped her develop her own sartorial vocabulary, resulting in an eponymous resort line that bridges the gap between summer minimalism and urban comfort.

“Fashion is the only continuity”

I’m a fashion designer from the minute I wake up to the moment I go to sleep. Fashion is a continuity in my life and I want to inspire the same enduring relationship in each and every one of my customers. When I design, time stands still. Resort for me signifies relaxation, comfort, affluence and effortless style.

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